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Plano Chess Club

Babakuli Anakov

The Plano Chess Club (PCC) is located at the Ed Gurukul learning institute ,and provides an interactive environment for all those wanting to learn chess in the Plano area.
Not only does the club provide lessons for those who are new to chess, but the PCC also offers an environment that reaches out to those at an advanced or novice level.

Check the Tournament link for upcoming tournaments. For all Chess Classes, visit and follow the classes tab. Weekly chess classes are held both in Plano and Irving centers.

JANUARY 17, 2015- Please note that PCC will be closed for the long weekend of JAN 17-19, 2015. MLK Scholoastic Chess Championship will be held on JAN 25, 2015 from 12 NOON. Please visit and register for the same.


Every Saturday Tournament from 2.00 PM to 5.30 PM. OPEN TO ALL.

Onsite Registration from 1:30 PM

Call for further details to 214-235-6214 or send an email to